10 November, 2007

More fotos and fun

I forgot to mention the cheese party I accidentally instigated at World Fantasy! Jay Lake, never a man to do things by halves, had only to hear that I'd never had a proper truffle experience to go hunting truffle cheese for me to try. In the end he came up with six cheeses: a local guerrilla cheese, Colton-Basset Stilton, Truffle Tremor, Drunken Goat, Urgela and Pierre Robert. My favourites were the Stilton and the Drunken Goat; I'm afraid the truffles still didn't get through to me, but Jay couldn't locate the absolute perfect truffle cheese, so there's still hope.

Thanks, Jay! I was deeply honoured to be the cheesy Guest of Honour!


Blogger Derryl Murphy said...

At first I read that as "gorilla" cheese, which conjures all sorts of unfortunate images.


17 November, 2007 06:26  

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