02 March, 2008

Quiet time

Ha! If only. Things have been nuts here, with bank work and copyediting of the novel taking pretty much all my waking hours the last two weeks. The good news is, I bike-rode nearly 100 km in the last week, and got all but a few tweaks of the copyediting done. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I'll do those tweaks, then photocopy this amazingly multicoloured (or multicolored, as the 'mainstreamed' MS would read) manuscript for proofreading and Aus-editing purposes. (That's $80 worth of photocopies; or $800, if I want to capture the full multicolo(u)redness of it...)

Then, it's off to Adelaide, for Writers' Week. You can catch me on Tuesday at 11 in the West Tent with Paul Auster, John Kinsella and Matt Rubinstein, talking about The Rules and How To Break Them; also on Thursday at 5.45 in the East Tent being chaired by Gerard Windsor (I imagine that's a bit like, you know, a lion tamer's routine) for a Meet The Author session. In between, I intend to sit in marquees and listen to whatever writers happen to be speaking, work on the steampunk story (which has to be started from scratch again, due to my shaky grasp of steampunkery), put together a speech about 'My Work' for a conference in New Zealand on the 17th, and eat and drink with mates.

I know, it'll be hard not to miss doing maintenance on the Destinations Electronic manual, but I'll try. :)


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I don't know if I've mentioned this to you previously (forgive me if I have) but have you read anything my China Mieville (The Scar, Perdido Street Station, King Rat). Heavy, HEAVY steampunk. Highly recommended. SO dark it'll keep you awake at night.


19 March, 2008 09:06  

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