02 June, 2008

What the...? Another odd 'Goosle' review

From Sam Lubell in SFRevu:
Margo Lanagan's horrific and disturbing "The Goosle" is a sequel to the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel in which a mentally handicapped Hansel returns to the mudwife's castle in the company of a con artist who regularly takes sexual advantage of the ignorant Hansel.
Mentally handicapped? This is a boy who's taught himself to navigate by the stars, a very thoughtful boy with a strong sense of justice and an instince to act on it at the first opportunity. His only handicap has been his own youth, innocence and physical powerlessness; oh, and the fact that his family cast him out might have set him back a bit, too. But mentally handicapped? Sam, you are just wrong.

And where did this castle come from? Where was the castle in the original? And how do you manufacture a castle out of:
Why, that is the mudwife’s house, I thought. ... The house looked just as it did in my memory: the crumbling, glittery yellow walls, the dreadful roof sealed with drippy white mud. ... then came a convulsion in the house. A face passed the window-hole, and there she was at the door. ...As soon as I was out of sight of the mud-house I stopped in the forest...
Don't tell me there's not enough fantasy in the story, and you have to go creating your own...

And yes, I know, authors shouldn't respond to reviews. But, really.


Blogger Helen V. said...

I'm thinking it makes you wonder why you spent all that time carefully crafting your story, doesn't it?

06 June, 2008 19:30  

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