06 October, 2008

First Australian print review

Hi there! I'm back from a weekend at Conflux 5, where Jack Dann, bless his buttons, did a wonderful job of launching Tender Morsels yesterday afternoon, and the bookseller sold out of copies afterwards, which was excellent.

While I was there I was mentioned in the Weekend Australian by Rosemary Sorensen as 'the increasingly visible and admired author of fantasy short stories', and the novel was reviewed all by itself by Rebecca Starford, deputy editor of Australian Book Review. She reckons Tender Morsels is:
thoroughly discomforting. Despite the intervening fantasy genre, it does not shy from the senseless cruelty human beings inflict on each other. The ‘‘tender morsels’’ are thus symbols of abstract intimacy for the bruised Liga: the joy her daughters bring to her life, wisps of regained trust between herself and others, and the possibility of love. At times brutal, Tender Morsels is, nonetheless, an exquisite novel.


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