12 January, 2009

Oh my goodness, Red Spikes is unsavoury too!

It may be a blessing that these nasty little stories are so confusingly told that the reader often has no idea what is going on; When you do get a glimmer of meaning, you'll often wish you hadn't. This is the kind of collection that makes you wonder about the author—what kind of person has this kind of perversity floating around in her head?


Blogger Unknown said...

That's a compliment if I ever saw one! Congrats!

13 January, 2009 10:01  
Blogger Lyndon Walker said...

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14 January, 2009 15:40  
Blogger Helen V. said...

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17 January, 2009 12:35  
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20 January, 2009 22:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed the link to the site for both Tender Morsels and Red Spikes, and perhaps the review was changed, but it's very different from what you have on the site.

For Red Spikes it says:
here is no doubt that this is a mature collection: both the language and gritty details mark it for older teens and up. As with most story collections, some installments will resonate better with readers than others. But the author's language and dark imagery will transport readers time and time again, leaving them with haunting images -- and much to think about both in terms of our universal fears -- and also what it means to love someone, or be a hero.

And for Tender Morsels it says:
It's no wonder this book has earned so much attention, including both awards and sharp criticism: It's both an amazing work of literature and incredibly intense. In an interview with suite101,com, the author says that the book would be too much for adults who are feeling fragile ("You need to be feeling resilient to take on the first part, particularly," she said).
Still, mature readers up for a challenge will find a complex but expertly constructed novel that's highly emotional and thought provoking.

I'm glad someone finally realized how amazing your writing really is and gave it a better review. :)

19 May, 2013 09:01  

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