30 May, 2009

I am now...

(breathes deeply)
...finished at the bank.

To celebrate, today I spent several hours working on an editing job. Funny how un-resentful of losing part of my weekend I was, when there was NO MONDAY AT THE BANK waiting for me. Acres and acres of weeks of near-freedom lie ahead.

Things I will occupy myself with:
  • being an Australian/Vogel judge
  • doing Jan Cornall's Winter Writers' Lab, so that I can
  • complete my future-Melbourne story and my
  • Tinderbox story, and
  • research my colonial literary fantasy that I promised the Premier. Also,
  • keeping my excitement about the Trip to Chicago and The Northeast in check, while
  • planning for it, doing such things as
  • having a haircut and
  • writing a Printz-honor speech.
That should keep me busy for 5 weeks, no?



Blogger james roy said...

Real-job free! Well done!

01 June, 2009 23:25  
Anonymous Jenn said...

I just finished reading Tender Morsels; your writing is exquisite, thank you. Any plans for visiting the Pacific Northwest?!

Looking forward to reading all of your stories,
Tacoma, WA

03 June, 2009 03:45  

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