09 July, 2009

books she done read

Here is a wonderful, lively, sensible, funny review of TM which gives you a good rundown on the actual reading experience—and gives the book 8 caterpillars (out of 10)!


Blogger TansyRR said...

This is such an awesome review. I love how exuberant she is, about the good parts as well as the parts she didn't like so much.

You just know that she READ it with every fibre of her BEING.

And as I said on Twitter you so have to get "agony-sandwich" on future book covers.

09 July, 2009 09:57  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

I think this is my favourite para: 'And Tender Morsels is very much like a traditional fairy tale in that Random Shit keeps happening, and new main characters crop up when many pages have already passed, and that old main characters will be SUDDENLY EATEN while much of the book still remains to the right.'

But it was all good. Made me laugh out loud at several points, and 'agony-sandwich' was one of them.

09 July, 2009 10:05  
Blogger raych said...

Um...so...hey. I am desperately trying to reign in this ridiculous squeeeeeing thing that I do when I come into contact with famous people, the part of me that's all CANWEHANGOUTANDGETABEER? but it appears that you live in Australia. So a beer would be impractical anyways.

So...um *chews cuticle nervously* would you consider doing an interview for my blog? Lots of people in the bloggonets are reading TM right now, and (as, I'm sure you're aware) there is much CONTROVERSY AND SCANDAL!!!

Disclaimer: if you agree to this interview, one of my questions is almost guaranteed to be 'But there are dongs!!!' which is less of a question and more of an exclamatory statement. I will do my best to include questions that do not center wholly on ZOMG SEX IN A FAIRY TALE, as I'm sure you are quickly tiring of them, but I had to forewarn you.

H'anyvays, if the answer is Yes you can email me at booksidoneread [at] telus [dot] net and if the answer is No you can also email me there so that I don't spend the next few weeks checking my email compulsively.


- Raych

09 July, 2009 13:27  

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