03 November, 2009

Not everybody loves your books, Margo.

Google Alerts alerted me to this spectacularly bad review on Goodreads, and I had to show you:
I read black juice by Margo Lanagan, the book was kind of confusing with the different pronunciation of the words throughout the whole book. I would recommend this book to people who like a mix of medieval themes and modern themes. This book gets darker as it goes a long a bit more confusing. I didn’t really like this book much; I don’t like books like this. I didn’t have a favorite or least favorite character, I never really understand it, and just didn’t care about them. Not a single part of the book captivated my attention, this book made me feel absolutely nothing and I disliked everything about it. I don’t have a favorite line, and nothing kept me reading it except that it’s a project. I really don’t know why the author would ever right something as horrid as this book, this is the single WORST book I have ever read. There’s just stories, and they didn’t really make an ending all together. I pray to god that this book will never be made into a movie, and if it does get made into a movie it doesn’t deserve actors and should just take hobo’s off the side of the street if they’re lucky enough to have them to act.
I like the way he goes from vague dislike to really putting the boot in. A nicely constructed review, I think. :)


Blogger Charlotte said...


03 November, 2009 07:16  
Blogger Deborah Kalin said...

heh. heheh. i love the way he doesn't seem to understand the difference between a novel and a collection of short stories. but yes, the building vitriol is a real feature!

03 November, 2009 07:24  
Blogger Stace said...

Ha ha, That happens when someone is made to read something for a project. Under normal circumstances he/she would just put it down, perhaps returning years later to find the book has something to say afterall.

What a wonderful ranty review.

03 November, 2009 07:53  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

... and I really really really hate my teacher.

03 November, 2009 08:38  
Blogger raych said...

Come on, Margo. You of all people know how it is, when you're writing away and discovering you have all these FEELINGS you never knew you HAD and holy hell, why do I even bother TALKING to you? I HAVE HATED YOU ALL THIS TIME!!!

*hem* Thanks for posting this spot of bother. I am entertained.

03 November, 2009 13:38  
Blogger Misrule said...

Oh wow, you HAVE to submit that to the Worst Review Ever blog. Hobo.

03 November, 2009 16:25  
Blogger Flinthart said...

The reviewer actually thought it was a novel?

Wow! I find it amazing that somebody so obtuse can actually read in the first place. That's a truly amazing review, Margo, and you should treasure it.

03 November, 2009 17:28  
Blogger Tony said...

I thought that review was written to appeal to people who like poor reviewing, but mostly it didn't grab my attention, in fact there wasn't a single word in that entire review that I agreed with and actually I HATED EVERY SINGLE SYLLABLE THE REVIEWER WROTE WITH ALL THE PASSION OF THE BURNING FIRES OF HELL!!!!!!

Overall, then I give it 4.5 stars.


04 November, 2009 09:14  
Blogger Keith Stevenson said...

Hmm. I think they may need their medication altered.

Keith x

04 November, 2009 14:56  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is it wrong that I really want to see the possible hobo movie? especially if all the props are made of bindles.

05 November, 2009 08:48  
Blogger Melanie said...

Why would you ever 'right' something like that Margo?

What a lovely review. It gave me a few minutes entertainment.

05 November, 2009 14:52  

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