12 March, 2010

Wellington 4

Yes, so a couple of hundred people came and spent An Hour With Margo Lanagan (and Eirlys Hunter) this afternoon, at the Downstage. It was a great session; Eirlys’s questions were interesting without being curly or putting me on the spot, and ; people responded to everything pretty well—no heckling, you know; no hurling of missiles.

Weather, though; weather is happening in Wellington. Nothing wild yet, but all of a sudden it was winter, when we walked out of the theatre, and then it rained and forced us to take shelter in Mac’s Brewery instead of continuing on to the Festival Club (which was just as well, because the Club was closed). And then, well, it kept on raining, didn’t it? And we can’t see across the harbour any more.

Not doing any more W&R Week things today, but tomorrow I reckon I’ll spend most of the day in the Embassy Theatre, with James Belich, Susanna Moore/Gil Adamson/Lisa Moore, and Charlotte Grimshaw having sessions. Oh, and then Neil Gaiman and Kate de Goldi and me, we’ll sparkle at 3.45. That’ll be fun; you will be there, won’t you?

UPDATED: It was fun! Why weren't you there? :D


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