04 June, 2011

Selkies have swum orf

Last night in a fit of insomnia, I finished the last tweaks to the selkies-novel manuscript, entered the corrections to the second half, and sent it off—yes, even though all the editors and the agent had closed up shop for the weekend. Now, because the applications I was supposed to be reading haven't turned up (this does not bode well for next week, as I work Mon-Wed and the assessment meeting is on Thursday) I'm looking at the prospect of an entirely obligation-free weekend. So tell me, what do people do, who aren't procrastinating or actually chugging towards the next deadline?

I could reacquaint myself with housework, perhaps?

I could try to remember how to exercise? *moves limb experimentally*

Definitely I should get outside and walk around a bit in that sunny stuff (or rainy, which is just as likely these days).

Oh yes, and I was going to have an experimental packing session for the big trip that starts Monday week.

There are also other people's books that I could read. *twinkles fingers over the NZ-souvenirs pile*

The world is alive with possibilities!


Blogger Astrid said...

Other people's books! Always other people's books (exercise is good too, for the conscientious).

04 June, 2011 17:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

My goodness, I envy you. I have yet to experience what it feels like to live without a deadline constantly looming over me...

05 June, 2011 12:01  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

If you had a treadmill you could exercise and read other peoples books

05 June, 2011 12:03  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Astrid: Okay, other people's books it is!

Joey: I know. I've been under the gun for about a year now. I feel as if I'm floating awaaay!

Sean: Or audio books; I could escape the INTENSE BOREDOM of the treadmill, then. :)

05 June, 2011 12:23  
Blogger Marg said...

Another vote for other people's books!

07 June, 2011 16:17  
Blogger Keith Stevenson said...

Really looking forward to reading this one! Kx

07 June, 2011 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Lanagan,

I am a Fredericksburg Academy student, and wanted to let you know that in my 9th grade English class, I had to read "Singing My Sister Down". I had some questions, but you had already answered a majority of them to the previous english class at F.A. in '10. I enjoy your writing style and am interested in your upcoming novel called Sea Hearts.

One thing that your upcoming book intigues me about is that it is going to involve Selkies or a Selkie, and not vampires and/or werewolves which is definately refreshing! I would also like to say that I appreciate how much time you spend blogging to your readers, because not a lot of authors do that. And i like how you interact with your readers with questions and such.

Overall, i like your sense of humor! Have a great day!
P.S. You've got a pretty good amount of suggestions in your comments section, and good luck on Sea Hearts!

13 September, 2011 13:30  

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