19 March, 2013

Write with Sue Woolfe and unlock the story you KNOW is within you

If I weren't doing the Newcastle Literary Festival, I'd be sorely tempted to go to this on Saturday, 6 April. I've heard that Sue Woolfe's approach is unusual and effective—and who wouldn't want to be delighted and energized?
Neuroscience has discovered the techniques creative people use; Sue Woolfe, award-winning novelist and renowned writing teacher, has sleuthed through neuroscience to teach them. She helps students write in a manner that delights and energizes them.
Many of Sue's students have gone on to produce books that have excited publishers and readers alike; often these were students who claimed they’d “never had an imaginative thought”.
Sue Woolfe teaches creative writing at the University of Sydney and now at NIDA she’s further researching creativity, and teaching creative thinking as it applies to writing stories. She is the author of four novels, plus The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady: A Writer Looks at Creativity and Neuroscience, and co-author of Making Stories: How Ten Australian Novels Were Written.
When: Saturday, 6 April 2013, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with an optional follow-up with individual discussions on Saturday 27 April). Morning and afternoon tea are provided, and you can grab some lunch at one of the nearby cafes.

Where: Inner-city address, Sydney.

Fee: $450 (add $250 for optional follow-up, which involves a half hour’s discussion, Sue having read up to 7000 words beforehand—the follow-up is only for workshop members, and may only be taken on 27 April. Both sessions to be paid for by 30 March.)

Bookings: Book by email.


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