29 December, 2006

Clarion South, too

And then it's straight from the Kolkata Book Fair to tutoring for a week at Fantastic Queensland's fantastic Clarion South.

No, I know I'm not listed there yet, but believe me, when they say Janeen Webb, in this case they mean Margo Lanagan. I hope no one's disappointed, but if they are—hey, it'll be the fifth week; I'll be very understanding if people just put down their heads and sleep. I have been known to do that myself in a Clarion workshop (sorry, Gordon!).

So, talk about starting off the year with a bang. Two bangs, in fact. And then ROR in Tasmania in March. Hmm, must get that novel written.


Blogger Unknown said...

I'm sure they'll love you and learn plenty. I've internalized many of your tidbits of writerly goodness. You rock!

02 January, 2007 05:14  

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