12 February, 2007

I blame eisha

Breathless post as I plough through all the things I put off until first-week-back: Red Spikes has been shortlisted in the South East Asia and South Pacific section of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize!

This is the prize Kate Grenville won last year with The Secret River and she went on to win the overall prize, and look what happened to her:

This is all eisha's fault for crowning me Queen of the Australian YA Renaissance.

3:) [attempt at queenly smiley, although it just looks as if someone is sitting on my head]


Blogger Amy Fiske said...

Well, I guess you should practice your curtsy then.

13 February, 2007 04:20  
Blogger Jules at 7-Imp said...

I had no idea I had so much power. I must be careful to use it for good instead of evil.


15 February, 2007 10:42  

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