30 May, 2007

I can't conceal my glee...

...that Ursula Dubosarsky won the Ethel Turner Prize for The Red Shoe at the NSW Premier's Literary Awards last night. And that Shaun Tan won the Community Relations Commission Award and Book of the Year for The Arrival.

And I can't help but roll my eyes that the Herald neglected even to mention The Arrival in its report this morning, although it did manage to slip Ursula's name in there. But most of the column was filled with bleating about the big expat wins. What kind of journalist reports on the Premier's and neglects to mention Book of the Year? Tut-tut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's odd... their report last night was all about Shaun and The Arrival.


30 May, 2007 10:46  
Blogger Jonathan Shaw said...

It would have been amazing if Shaun's book hadn't taken out at least one of those prizes, and it's a huge tribute to The red Shoe that it beat The Arrival in its section. As an act of tireless self promotion, I might mention that I took notes on the acceptance speeches and blogged them -- here's a link

03 June, 2007 10:16  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Chris: The morning-after snail-paper report was the one I saw. Seeing Shaun on the ABC news slightly mollified me. :)

Jonathan: I enjoyed your account of the evening - it was almost as good as being there!

03 June, 2007 13:02  

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