17 July, 2007

Down to business

Right. Sunday was workshop day again, read-for-feedback day, which is always fascinating, like crawling into people's brains with a magnifying glass. It's just very, very heartening, not just in terms of my own writing but in terms of, I don't know, my faith in human nature, to watch other people following this impulse to tell stories at work, and trying to make something coherent of their memories and impressions.

Then yesterday I went back to the novel, all heartened and everything, and I revised 80 pages. (!!) This week I'm going through front to back and filling in all the holes, all of them, both the between-scenes missing bits and the scrappy, in-square-brackets moments of doubt and need-for-research.

I'm hoping to get through a similar amount today. Yes. I am.

Then next week I will go through doing close work again. Then I'll send it off. Then I have permission to catch the flu and be bedridden for all of August, and get through my To Be Read piles.

Oh, and my copy of Click arrived yesterday, the one Linda Sue and Gregory Maguire are holding here. Happy.


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