01 July, 2007

Nice to see

That Red Spikes advance reading copies were in evidence at the American Library Association conference last weekend. (Thanks, Gavin.)

And that one of my converts is spreading the word.
Due to the focus of my job I now read far less of the “adult” literary fiction that I used to read almost exclusively. I am now reading more and more junior and teen books. This started because my job required me to know more about this area of literature. The thing is, I’m absolutely loving it. There’s some fantastic stuff out there. You should give it a look sometime, even if you’re a grown up.

I am bookboy, hear me read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not had the chance to Red Spikes yet. But Black Juice certainly was amazingly beautiful! I really enjoyed reading it!

from India.

02 July, 2007 16:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Margo, I found this online forum about Scrivener, haven't explored it, but the topics look useful...


I, too, have been reading Black Juice -- wow!

Jane (eldershaw.com)

03 July, 2007 11:59  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Moushumi - it's lovely to hear from an Indian fan! I hope Red Spikes gets over there before too long.

Hi there, Jane! I'm thinking my Scrivener problems are RAM problems - when I don't do anything too complex, and I exit all other programs, it works a treat. So it's a simple solution: throw money at RAM-merchant.

I hope Black Juice doesn't knock you around too badly. Take a breather between stories and you should be okay!

Thanks for dropping by!

03 July, 2007 20:51  

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