13 July, 2007


I went through and made notes on the ms about how old everyone ought to be in each scene, if I'm to implement the changes in my fantastic timeline tables.

I should be happy, because this means that the hero can be much younger and spunkier instead of a worn-out middle-aged father of five as he was (he can really only fit three children into the adjusted timeline I've given him—hmm, that can still tire him out plenty, I guess).

Mostly it was a day spent sleeping to avoid work, though, and watching the Tour, and wishing there was another someone who knew this story as well as I did, so that I could sit down with her and talk this through and be encouraged by her enthusiastic suggestions.

This weekend is a workshop weekend; eight hours of speedwriting and talking about stories with 10 or so other people. That should reduce the cabin-craziness a little, and hopefully kick me along into next week's work with a bit more energy.


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