31 August, 2007

Going to World Fantasy!

Steven and I are throwing caution to the winds and going to New York at the end of October/beginning of November, for the World Fantasy Convention and a bunch of happenings beforehand involving the large, loud and outrageously talented Australian contingent, some resident and some just visiting for the festivities.

*squeaks excitedly*


Blogger Laura E. Goodin said...

I'm not Australian, but I reckon I could be just as loud as one if I were going to World Fantasy....

31 August, 2007 14:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Late October? You mean, you'll be there for October 22??

Yes, because I'm not taking no for an answer.

01 September, 2007 00:13  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Okay, Laura, you can come along as an Aussie-by-adoption. But yes, you must be loud.

And yes, Linda Sue! The 22 October gig was the final decider. Won't we have fun!

03 September, 2007 08:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah! 'Snot fair!

04 September, 2007 19:02  

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