28 August, 2007

The loife of a wroiter

I WoW-workshopped all weekend with Jan Cornall and friends. This is a group that meets every month or so with the aim of helping each other finish our novels by December. You can see how well it's worked, if you've been reading this blog.

Yesterday morning I was prerecorded in an interview with Richard Aedy for 'Life Matters' on ABC Radio National. I don't know when it will air, but I'll let you know when I know.

In the afternoon I went to the State Library of New South Wales. It was a bit like returning to the womb, except that they'd totally rearranged the womb! For a few amazed moments, I couldn't even find the requests desk. I had to go in a different door! Wrong, so wrong! Still, I managed to find everything I was looking for in the end and had a good 5 hours' researching the new novel...whatever that is.

Today I did my last Book Week-related workshop, over at Queenwood in Mosman, for 2 hours. Lovely, hard-working writers, and a top afternoon tea! Then on the way home I stopped at Leichhardt Library and renewed the books that were already overdue, and, what's more, they let me borrow 7 more, some of them really big! I'm going to try and go at this reading (for research) like a job. You know, sit up, at a table, during the day, instead of trying to take in a few sentences in bed before I crash. Find good reading places, outside, in the world. Don't know that I'll go to the extreme of making notes. I suppose I should...

Tomorrow morning a friend is coming round to talk with Steven and me about what the American Southwest is like. Then there are a few things I've been putting off while I did Book Week: a short story I owe, tax-related things (brrr!), a bit of editorial work, some posting of books. Oh, and some exercise. That would be good.

And all the while, the glow of the completed novel hovers around me. :)


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