10 September, 2007

Finished drafting the short story


It's pretty grim (surprise, surprise). But it has fairies. Here is the fairy prince:
I saw him now The others were stepping aside rustling to let him through the ones at the front bowing He was glamorous but very thin and suffering The fine craft of that staff was all very well but he needed it to walk with I could see Some injury had weakened his thigh Creatures like small Golden flies buzzed and attended it circling his leg there as if weaving a sort of Bandage around with their flights [... The Folk] were emphatic and undeniable around my knees His Fierceness glaring up at me and for all his being so thin and ill and low to the ground he had a real and Expectant power about him
This is written by a not-madly-literate station hand, which accounts for the odd capitalisation and the lack of punctuation. That will annoy the crap out of some readers, I know, but truly, he's doing the best he can.


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