14 January, 2008

And now...

I've got 97% of a draft of the sideshow story, which is called 'Living Curiosities', and here's a small chunk:
‘And up goes the window and the wind comes in, smack!, straight from the South Pole I tell you, Nonny, and a little thing like Tasmania was never going to get in its way! It took the breath out of me, for certain. The room was an icebox like that.’ She snaps her dry fingers. ‘But you would think it was a…a zephyr, a tropical breeze, for all it stops Ashman. I will fly! he says, I will fly! And he pushes the sash right up and he’s hands either side the window and his foot up on the sill. With the greatest of ease!

Here Dulce stops and looks crafty. ‘And now I must fill my pipe,’ she says calmly.
Today I spent researching the steampunk story, which is more clockwork than steam at this point.


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