08 January, 2008

Busy, busy

Went to the first Summer Writers Lab yesterday. We talked, we meditated, we wrote (5 pages!) we scrawled story plans on big bits of paper, we made resolutions, we were released into the wild.

Borrowed Murray Bail's Notebooks from Jan's stack. Fascinating, in a creepy sort of way. A bit like hanging out your psychological underwear in public—not filthy underwear or anything but just, you know, clearly not brand new. Grey, in places. Some of it is very much the sort of notes I make myself. Other bits are so far off I almost have to check whether I've got the book the right way up.

This morning I kept almost to my resolution of writing 2 hours in the morning (1.5 hours—4 pages!), but then we had guests for breakfast (which I'd forgotten when I wrote the resolution) so I had to stop. The other resolution I made was: If I feel like a nap in the afternoon, I must go and do some form of exercise instead.

Therefore, I must now go and do some exercise.


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