11 February, 2008

Today's story—'A Brush with Nevermore'

Yes, it's inspired by Holly Black's novel Valiant. 5100 words. Here are some of them:
However. However. Early hours of next morning. I had this dream, right? It was very simple—she says, embarrassed, not looking you in the eye. Darkness. City street. Cold weather, almost a bite in the air, which is rare for Sydney. I am wearing my coat and scarf, and tights. My knees are cold, that’s how convincing the dream-weather is. Leaves are blowing—

Yes, yes, Len. You said it was simple? Right. Me. Raff. Passing opposite sides of the pavement. Our eyes meet. We change course. We walk towards each other in a kind of dazzlement, in a kind of knowledge. I’ve never seen you, but I know you, and you know me, and— He puts out his arms, and my hands come out of my coat pockets and slide up on his coat-sleeves (black, nice cut) to around his neck (nice scarf, Stewart tartan), and we pull each other close, and we kiss.


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