03 February, 2008

A hip librarian likes Black Juice

Jessica West says:
The beauty of this book is that each story opens the reader up to a different sense of what reality can be. Each story makes the reader question how they would act in the situation being presented. The stories are technically simple, yet very morally complex, making them an excellent choice for any teen who wants to think a little bit. Readers of fantasy and horror, as well as regular fiction, will appreciate these stories, as they offer something completely different than most teen books in these genres. Each of the tales stays with you for much longer than expected, as your imagination continues to work on the situation presented by the story. In this way, you are never finished with Black Juice.


Blogger Susan Moorhead said...

My birthday present to myself, Black Juice. I read the first story last night, Singing my Sister down...got to the end, went back and read it again. The story stayed with me all day, parts of it replaying in my mind. Just fantastic.

05 April, 2008 15:46  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Susan, and thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment - and for reading 'SMSD' twice over. You are a stronger reader than many! I'm glad you liked it. - Margo.

05 April, 2008 18:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! This is a student from Fredericksburg Academy writing to you about your story, "Singing my Sister Down." I was assigned to read it and I must say, it was very intriguing. It was one of those stories that is unsettling but you just can't put it down! I'm amazed you could think of such a story like that and I encourage you to keep on writing!! :)

11 September, 2012 03:00  

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