23 March, 2008

It's been a while,

I know, since I last blogged, but I've been crazy busy, working for da mortgage and flitting to foreign shores. I must spend more than 24 hours in New Zealand some time. I have no idea where I was. The most astounding thing I saw was that the river, running through the centre of town (Christchurch), was crystal clear; you could see right to the bottom. I also learned how to eat weeds, from Maori television, and to watch out for carrot-weed, because it looks a lot like hemlock.

The librarians of the South Island Children's Librarians conference treated me very well, as librarians always do! It was very weird flying to a place closer than Perth and having to fill out all those forms, and go through Customs and Immigration twice in two days. It was even weirder having to turn up at the bank on the Tuesday, but the three-day week helped make it bearable.

Now I'm deeply into the Easter long, long weekend, and I've revised two stories and am currently wrestling the steampunk one to the ground. I also started coming down with a cold on Friday morning, when I made the mistake of relaxing, and now I'm the full snot-and-sneeze-fest, which makes plotting difficult, but hallucinatory thinking quite easy.

Back to the electric prostitutes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read your story (singing my sister down). i thought it was really good. i think it is really cool that you get to travel to all those different places.

22 September, 2009 02:39  

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