11 May, 2008

Excellent news for working walking writers!

Here's an adventure for you (and me). You know how you've put aside that small golden egg so that you can come to Australia one day? (If you're in Australia already, you don't quite know why you've put it aside, but this is the reason, right here.)

Well, in January next year, I'll be the workshop leader on a creative walk with Into The Blue in the Tarkine rainforest, in Tasmania. Raymond tells me that they've put up more platform walks, so there'll be less actual slogging through the bush, and more leaning over the railings being inspired.

I'm not quite sure how the days will be organised, but I'm going for a practice walk with Jan Cornall in the desert at the end of June, to get an idea of how she runs hers. I heard wonderful things about her Tarkine walk over the New Year this year (watch the slideshow here for a glimpse), and she's doing another one just before mine, but mine is specifically for speculative fiction writers, so if you want to throw some wild ideas around with me in the bush this southern summer/northern winter, book now!

Resist if you can. Personally, I think there'll be more fun than you can poke a stick at.


Blogger james roy said...

OMG! Margo, I'm so envious!

11 May, 2008 20:38  

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