11 June, 2008

UK Red Spikes...

...copies turned up today from David Fickling Books, and very purty it is too. The jacket uses the same lovely image as the US edition, but the case is black, rather than green with a red spine. The Amazon page says the publication date was 5 June, in which case, I dare say London is still in lockdown as my eager UK public beat a path to the bookshop doors.

Pardon? Why, yes, it has been something of a long day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I've only read the first three stories as yet, and I don't understand them. Am I meant to? And considering the contents, I very nearly mentioned your writing in my Guardian blog on what's suitable for children, but decided not to single anyone out.

And I'm sorry to be so ignorant, but this is the first I've heard of speculative fiction. What is it?

07 July, 2008 17:53  

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