21 August, 2008

If one's going to be on a blogging panel...

...one ought to blog a bit, eh.

This blog has been going for 3 years now, in the course of which I've put up 450 posts. The reason there haven't been more in this last week is that life is pretty damn dull at the moment. All work and very little play, and not the most interesting kind of work either. This week has been a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion, workwise. Tomorrow I have to get up early and go in and see how many pieces I can pick up before closing time.

I was interviewed by Melbourne's Radio RRR on Wednesday, introduced rather oddly as 'one of the highest paid writers in Australia', which made me wonder how the really poor people are managing. When I confessed to full-time, not-story-writing work, Alicia Sometimes said, 'But what about these six-figure deals we've been hearing about?' I asked her to think of the smallest six-figure sum she could think of, then cut off 15% (completely unbegrudged) for the agent, then about a quarter of what remains in tax (yeah, pretty begrudged), and what do you end up with? Slightly more than one year's average wage, and paid in tranches over a period during which the USD:AUD exchange rate was not very kind. And this is for two books which took, well, a leetle longer than six months each to write.

Hmm, I see why I haven't been blogging. Been feeling too sour.

The alternative has been to blog some nice reviews that Tender Morsels has been getting online, including 5 stars from this bloke called 'Neil' over at Goodreads, tee-hee. But that gets a bit tedious for readers too, although it's useful for me to record these things as they happen.

It's been quite cold. I seem to spend a lot of my time feeling cold. Also quite quiet; my office-with-a-view is my very own, and while I like being spared the wedding-and-diet conversations, perhaps I'm spending a tad too much time in my own head. And anyone who's read my stories will know that that's not always a nice place to be. :)

Never mind - all will be festive and fellow-feelingy next week in Melbourne. And I wrote 28 pages of my novella last week. (No, not the one for you, Keith. Soon, soon.) I've stopped the 4-pages-a-day rule in honour of car-crash week this week, and probably in honour of MWF next week, but I'm pleased I did get that much done. I'll start again in September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Aunty Margo! 'Tis your horrible smelly nephew, Finn! Come to ruin your day, bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

... Well that was fun, bye for now but don't forget potatoes, how thankful we should all be for the secrets they reveal.

PS. Fiddle-dee-dee!

21 August, 2008 20:59  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Phwoargh! Who left that fresh-baked brownie floating around my nice clean blog? *opens windows, lights scented candle*

I'm with you on the potatoes. Did you know it's the International Year of the Potato? There's been surprisingly little fuss about it. I think they may be only celebrating it in New Zealand - that's where I saw the sign about it, and the potato garden. But we do owe a lot to that miraculous vegetable. Did you know that the human brain is 75% potato? Vegetarians can get that up even higher - yes, it's true!

Well, drop by any time, poppet. I know you've a busy schedule, taking drugs and knocking over old ladies and all those things yoong people do these days, but you're always welcome here, as long as you've washed recently and, you know, you keep control of those other, more accidental odours.

Love from your loving Aunty.
XX<--(slightly damp, whiskery kisses)

22 August, 2008 05:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a very graphic comment, now my mental image of you is you with a handlebar moustache, and yes us "yoong people" (as you oold people unaffectionately label us) do take drugs and knock over old ladies (just last tuesday *taps nose*) but most of all we perform zany acrobatic stunts over piles and piles of flaming potatoes and new zealanders.

I'm late now, oh the Queen of Hearts is going to be mad!

22 August, 2008 15:54  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hmm, now I don't know whether to think of you as a rabbit or a donkey.

Handlebar moustache? I was only referring to a few stray auntly whiskers, not full facial hair.

You will enjoy this; Steven found it for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uLUVI3Y0q0

Spudly greetings to you!

23 August, 2008 07:58  

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