11 September, 2008

What do you mean, you don't want to go walking in the dark forest with me?

D'oh, I must have jinxed myself, changing my blog profile yesterday—this morning Raymond Hawkins, the Into The Blue man, emailed me to say he's had to cut the Tarkine Fantasy trip, as there's been no response.

No response? What is wrong with you people? Here I am, a certified Queen of the Dark, the Icky and the Uncomfortable, offering to personally escort you into the Forest of the Giants, where we will face down your writing demons, or at least have a good wrestle with them, there in the mud amid the mushrooms and the mosses. How can you not want to be part of this?

Yes, I know, it costs money. Yes, I know, you have to pay your own way to Tasmania. No, I couldn't afford to go either, if I weren't being the facilitator. However, putting all that aside, this is a great opportunity you are missing by not whipping out your credit card and bunging down the $600 deposit. You know, the Tarkine may not be there for all that much longer. This is 'unprotected wilderness' we're talking about. '[U]nder Resource Security Legislation most of the rainforest and eucalypt forest could be logged,' they're saying.

And also, I don't like to say this, but I'm not getting any younger. And an aneurysm could take me at any time, just like that, and wouldn't you be kicking yourself that you hadn't sat around the campfire scaring the bejeezus out of yourself with what I helped you write?

I just don't understand it.

Note: The above is writ ironic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was any month other than January, I'd have signed up. But airfare from the US *doubles* around the holidays.

Maybe we can go walk in another scary forest?


12 September, 2008 02:47  
Blogger moonkid said...

Wow, that sounds fantastic. Pity I didn't hear about it earlier.


13 September, 2008 23:10  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Well, who knows, Saul, if enough people turn up here and say such things, and, Ellen, if we move it to a more economical time of year, all might not be lost.

14 September, 2008 07:44  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Or email me - I've got two email possibilities so far. Any other takers? The minimum size for the walk to go ahead, I think, is six.

Come on, people, think about it! Five days of slogging through the bush, dodging orcs and mastodons, wrestling pythons and lithe lianas, and pausing a moment between mosquito-slaps at night to pen a few deathless words in your Moleskine about the day's adventures. How can you resist? Did you know you can still die of hypothermia in high summer, in Tasmania? So bring your thermal undies, as well as your waterproof pen. Oh, we'll have such topping times!

14 September, 2008 21:30  
Blogger Greg G said...

Margo, if you're still looking for people I will definitely go. I may be able to find another person or two.

I will try to find an email address to email you as well.



27 September, 2008 13:37  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Greg, I see you. Thanks for your interest. Can you email me at margo(at)inhouse(dot)com(dot)au?

29 September, 2008 10:19  

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