08 September, 2008

Hotting up

No, not the weather - it's sunny but cold here this morning - just my schedule. Next week is Brisbane Writers Festival, for which I'm doing two jam-packed days Wednesday and Thursday (3 solo talks, 2 Quentaris panels and a 3-hour workshop) and one lazy Sunday. There's a wedding to come home for in the middle of that (no, not mine :) ), then afterwards a week on Bribie Island sharing mentorship duties with Sean Williams and working like a maniac, in the remaining time, on one of the novellas - haven't decided which one yet, Tinderbox or selkie. Better be selkie - that's looking a bit thin, considering its Christmas deadline.

Then after that it's back to the bank full-time (aaargh! - sorry, just ignore that little outburst), plus Tender Morsels will be launched not one but three times - there'll be a YA-ish event, a grown-ups' event and a genre event. They're not hammered into place yet, but I can pretty safely say that the YA-ish one will be at Kinokuniya, the grown-ups' one at Berkelouw in Norton Street, Leichhardt, and the genre one at Conflux in Canberra. Then mid-October the novel will be published in the US, and I don't know what will be involved in that besides me sitting here with my eyes squinched shut and my fingers and toes crossed, but I'm sure there'll be something.

This week is full, then, of preparing talks, of writing TM-associated articles, of tech. writing (at home, thankfully), of preparatory reading for the Quentaris panels. Slightly too many things to keep in my head at the same time, so I'm always forgetting at least one of them. Should keep a list nearby. And stop wittering on my blog and get some of these things done.


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