09 October, 2008

Kinokuniya Konversation Kancelled

Thank you, Kinokuniya - NOT. About two hours after I'd emailed about 25 people to remind them to come tonight, I got a call from my publicist at A&U saying that Kinokuniya had pulled the plug on my conversation with Garth because of lack of interest. So, I sent the invitation email with a bunch of blind cc's to protect everyone's privacy, and now I can't find out who I sent them to.

If you are one of those people, or anyone else who was hoping to mosey along without an RSVP - no one managed to mention to me that an RSVP was necessary, dammit - I'm very sorry, but the talk won't be happening.

I advise you to buy your copy at Galaxy Bookshop in York Street. Or Dymocks - that'll be closer. But give Kinokinuya a big fat boot off your list of favourite bookshops.

Updated by Ms Cranky Pants at 8.31pm: Okay I've gone in and shaken the hand of peace with Steve the manager, and we worked out exactly which misunderstandings happened on both sides. I asked him to put up a sign on the window in case any of my mates that I couldn't get in touch with turned up in the hope of being scintillated, titillated and altogether wowed. Plus I signed a bunch of stock, perhaps the most I've ever signed in Australia. So perhaps someone had better swing by and buy some. I checked out Borders - it's there, but not in the New Fiction section, where furrin books reigned supreme. I checked out Galaxy; not a single copy! Tut-tut!


Blogger Cat Sparks said...

Bummer. Lucky for me I already have a signed copy...

09 October, 2008 13:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid bloody idiots - don't they know people just rock up to these events? Kinok is blacked.

keith xxx

09 October, 2008 14:21  
Blogger Unknown said...

Total bummer. I was planning to be there tonight, and I know at least 2 others were planning to go.

Would've happily RSVP'd if required. Ah well, Kino's loss is Galaxy's gain.

I'll hit you up for a signature later.


09 October, 2008 15:23  
Blogger Kt said...

Bugger. (Not an entirely inappropriate expletive in the context of this novel.)

WHen will your 'real' launch be? You know, with bubbly?

09 October, 2008 17:05  
Blogger Susan said...

Much sadness.

I shall force you to sign my copy (bought from an independent bookstore) another time.

Susan W

09 October, 2008 20:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought my copy from Modern Times in Newtown, one of two excellent bookshops on King St (the other being Better Red Than Dead of course). I was surprised to discover that Modern Times is actually good, but there you go! Newly published books are 15% off too, so howzat.

Galaxy don't even have Tender Morsels listed on their online catalogue. Did you take this up with them? I can go in next time I'm at work (I work a block away) and give them a talking to...

09 October, 2008 21:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame! I'm sure that would have been a great author event; all the best for a new fantastic opportunity soon. Same goes for Garth, of course.

At least, like Cat, I've already got a signed copy of 'Tender Morsels', and look forward to seeing what else happens following on for the excerpt you read at the Conflux launch.

Tim/'Farnwyn' on Purple Zone

10 October, 2008 07:19  
Blogger Melina Marchetta said...

I wasn't going to be able to make it last night, Margo, but I loved the novel. Congratulations.
PS. I bought mine at Shearer's Norton Street.
Best wishes

10 October, 2008 14:24  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, everyone, for your sympathy. Please come along to the launch on Thursday 23rd if you can. Also, Nathan tells me that although Galaxy have piked (yes, Peter, please go in and lambast them!), Abbeys Bookshop has good stock of TM, just a few doors away in York Street.

11 October, 2008 11:03  
Blogger Susan Moorhead said...

Oh, come to New York, teach a class, see the sights, sign some books (I've got a few of yours that beg for a signature). The leaves are changing - it's very pretty here...tempt, tempt?

13 October, 2008 06:41  

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