14 October, 2008

Not so happy

The Girl Who Wished She Was Australian is less keen since she picked up Black Juice:
It's won awards so it must be considered good by some people. I didn't like it. I think I'm just not smart enough for this type of book. I was totally lost for most of the stories. They went WAY over my head. It's probably one of those books that I could like if I had someone explain things to me--or if I could discuss it with someone. It's like Shakespeare. I liked the plays when we studied them in school or when I'd see one of the movies. But I'm usually very lost if I sit down alone and try to read it.
And I'm just not a hit with the teenagers, eh. Andrea F, 15, joins Tyler, 15, over at Teens Talk About Books:
I've never read anything by Margo Lanagan before, but this did not give me a good impression of her. I'm not sure if this is marketed towards teens or adults, but either way I would not like this story. The plotline was so lengthy and slow that it became confusing. The darkness never ever let up in this story, just when you thought things would get better... WHAM! I'll admit it, I love happy endings. But I can read a book without one and still enjoy it, but this was not one of those. There were hardly any bright moments in Liga's life, and the few that did occur the author didn't seem to want to spend too much time on. I truly did not enjoy this book. Nominate? No. 2Q Needs more work. 3P Some Teen appeal.
I put this kind of review in here because I like to have a record of all kinds of reviews I find. Also, it's kind of funny. I'm not wounded to the core or anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a teenager who managed to find a copy of White Time at my school library, and so far I'm enjoying it.

15 October, 2008 01:24  
Blogger Dina Roberts said...

Oh no! I hope you weren't offended : (

If it makes you feel better, I'm a writer who has been rejected by like every agent and publishing company in America.

And you're published and have won awards.

So just take my opinion as being really not that important.

I did like the first story about the sister being sung into the ground. Well, I can't say I liked it because it made me incredibly sad. But I DID understand that one and I thought it was very well-written.

I actually thought all the stories were well-written. It's just they went over my head. I think it's just a matter of you being more intelligent than me.

15 October, 2008 02:57  

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