24 October, 2008

Tha launch

Judy Ridge was there, and took a picture. Among about 35 people from so many different bits of my life, all of a sudden I felt quite multifaceted. It was a great night, and the book is now well and truly launched and Out There.

Chris Barnes was launch-side too, which was very kind of him, seeing as he'd already finished reading the book:
For all its fantastical elements, the strength of Tender Morsels, like all good fairy tales, is its core of primal truth about how the world really works.
Jan launched our novel in great style. Thanks, Jan!


Blogger Kt said...

So sorry we couldn't make it - every other mooted date has been a possibility but, alas, not this one.

Glad to hear you got a good turn out.

24 October, 2008 23:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make it either, particularly given our cancelled Kinokuniya event. But as I said, we can do that interview session sometime, video it and put it up on YouTube or wherever.


Garth Nix

25 October, 2008 14:39  
Blogger chrisbarnes said...

See, Margo? I told you it was a nice review. :)

It was good, as always, to see you and Steve and the gang again.

26 October, 2008 18:18  
Blogger Misrule said...

Here's where I tell you what I said I had to tell you... As Jan was reading out the reviews she'd found "by young people" on the web, I had a steady suspicion of deja vu. Those names sound terribly familiar. Those reviews also sound uncommonly familiar. So I asked Jan afterwards where she'd found them, and she'd found them on the Goodreads website. And the Jonathan, Lynn, Monica and Elissa she quoted aren't young folk at all (although Lynn, 60 and a grandmother, was deeply flattered to be characterised as such!) but all teachers, librarians, reviewers and members of the adbooks Yahoo group that discusses books for young adult readers. I'm obviously also a member, plus these guys are also my friends on Goodreads, which, if you're not familiar with it, is a social networking site where you rate and review books.

The other thing is that adbooks has an annual "best YA book of the year" award, called the JHunt, after Jonathan Hunt (he's a teacher-librarian who was quoted at your launch and who instigated the online award) and Tender Morsels has just been confirmed as being on the JHunt shortlist.

These folk were dead chuffed to be honorary guests in absentia at your launch.

And there's a website for adbooks:


You can sign up and lurk and read about what people say about your book and then blog it!

Thanks for the link, by the way.

J x

26 October, 2008 20:05  

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