14 October, 2008

Happy Publication Day USA!

Today (when it turns into today over there) is Tender Morsels publication day in the US. (I would have said 'pub. day' like a proper blogger, but the suggestion of alcohol in the company of readers under the legal drinking age might get up someone's nose (see comments). :)

And to celebrate, John Joseph Adams has put up an interview he did with me about the novel, at SCI FI Wire.

And Random House has sent me 24 copies of the gorgeous hardback. Oh, you USians and your hardbacks.

*pat, pat*

*heft, heft*

Heft a copy yourself, why don't you? Larry says it's 'one creepy (in the good sense), well-executed, moving book'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a lovely cover!

15 October, 2008 09:53  

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