25 January, 2009

Still not dead,

just in recovery from being crazy busy tutoring Clarion South. What a great week. Okay, so I was almost complete sedentary. But my brain was exercised almost to exploding point, and my mouth! Gab, gab, gab, I went. Story, story, story. Me, me, me. As you can imagine, I had a wonderful time. Wall-to-wall science fiction and fantasy—and, it being 3rd week, some of the fantasies were getting pretty wild.

All capped off with the Aurealis Awards last night. Everyone's got to get hold of Alison Goodman's The Two Pearls of Wisdom, eh, because it's better than Tender Morsels, if you can believe that! :) I had the pleasure of accepting for Jonathan Strahan's anthology The Starry Rift, so I got to glitter (thanks to the glam scarf given to me by my Clarion students) for a tiny while in the spotlight, then to move on to champagne and more wonderful gabbing in the Judith Wright lobby afterwards.

Steven flew up to Brisbane yesterday morning, and we're now staying with friends (and air-conditioning—commiserations, Clarionettes!) for the next few days, and I'm trying to adjust to conversation that is not all about my genius all the time—some of it is, but not all. Sigh. Of course it couldn't last.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise! :) The Clarionites enjoyed your genius greatly while you were with us Margo - and your wit. You should've seen some of the week six stories... week 3 seemed almost tame in comparison. Oh - and Trent and Jeff virtually made me read 'Machine Maid' between them, filling me with the urge to write Australian steam punk. Cheers, Liz A.

02 March, 2009 22:18  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Liz, great to hear from you! I see from your blog that you're settling back into real life okay - although, of course, things will never be quite the same after Clarion. :) I saw Jeff's photos of the sock puppets et al - clearly you all lost it after Week 3, poor darlings. Sorry, I should rephrase that - why didn't you do sock puppets in MY week? Waah!

05 March, 2009 05:54  

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