27 January, 2009

Tender Morsels is a Printz Honor Book

Yes, it's true. I...don't quite believe it—what do you do when your dreams come true? Oh, of course, champagne. What was I thinking.

Just as huge news, 'our' Melina Marchetta WON the Printz, for Jellicoe Road, so it will be a big Aussie party there in Chicago come June, when the awards are presented.

It's so exciting. I'm so relieved and pleased.

UPDATE: It's even more official.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations! That's wonderful news. I started reading Tender Morsels immediately after your reading on Sunday and am well into it, enjoying it immensely and delighted that it relates to one of my favourite fairytales (I was doing an illustration for it just last week :)
Kathleen (who asked about sentimentality).

27 January, 2009 10:18  
Blogger Jenn said...

congratulations! both your honor and melinda's win helped make this one of the best years for the youth media awards, in my opinion.

27 January, 2009 10:44  
Blogger chrisbarnes said...

Fantastic! Congratulations, Margo.

27 January, 2009 11:30  
Blogger Charles said...


27 January, 2009 12:52  
Blogger Adele said...

Congratulations, it felt like Australia Day all over again!

27 January, 2009 13:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wOOt, as the kids say. I'm simply thrilled! Yay! You should have LOTS of champagne!

27 January, 2009 13:50  
Blogger Helen V. said...

Congratulations, Margo. It's a brilliant book. I've just finished reading it and couldn't put it down.

27 January, 2009 14:33  
Blogger Amy said...

Congratulations, Margo!

I finished the book a few weeks ago, and it's corny to say, but I haven't felt the same since. I wished I could crawl into the pages and live in the world you created for awhile. Thanks for writing it.

-Amy in Baltimore, MD, USA

27 January, 2009 14:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hearty congratulations, Margo.

Just in case anyone who visits here hasn't read it yet, Booktopia is offering TM at a discount.

27 January, 2009 14:57  
Blogger LisaMay said...

Congratulations!!! :)


27 January, 2009 19:34  
Blogger Jonathan Strahan said...

Does this mean you're going to Chicago Woot!

28 January, 2009 10:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant news, Margo. Hearty congratulations...along with the fine, heady mist released by champagne...

Best wishes, Nathan.

28 January, 2009 16:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


29 January, 2009 09:50  
Blogger Mike said...

Two thumbs up, cobber.

29 January, 2009 10:26  

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