02 February, 2009

Locus Recommended Reading List 2008...

...is a Lanagan lovefest!

Tender Morsels is on the Young Adult novel list. Yes!

No fewer than 5 of 'my' anthologies are recommended: Jack Dann's Dreaming Again, Ellen Datlow's The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Nick Gevers's Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology and Jonathan Strahan's Eclipse Two and The Starry Rift.

Plus, I made the short story list, with 'The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross' (from Dreaming Again) and 'The Goosle', bwa-ha (from The Del Rey Book)!

UPDATED: OMG, I wrote a novelette, without knowing it! 'Machine Maid' from Extraordinary Engines is there, too! (Thanks, Tansy; it was very sloppy of me to miss it. :) )


Blogger Adele said...

Congrats Margo, you've had an absolutely awesome week!

02 February, 2009 20:19  
Blogger Charles said...


02 February, 2009 20:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've unleashed a plague of Locus...


02 February, 2009 20:55  
Blogger TansyRR said...

Don't forget the novelette list with Machine Maid!!!

02 February, 2009 21:04  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Adele, Charles and Tansy-of-the-Sharp-Eyes - and a happy groan at you, Jasoni.

02 February, 2009 21:44  

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