21 April, 2009

Rats! KO'd by Chains in SLJ Battle!

Read the sorry tale here. Still, Coe Booth has a lot of nice things to say about my Morsels, e.g.:
Both books earned big points for captivating beginnings.

Tender Morsels was one of the most imaginative books I’ve ever read ... The ending was bittersweet and very, very satisfying. However,
No, no! Don't say it, Coe!
as transfixed as I was by the story and the multitude of characters, both human and animal,
there was simply no way to emotionally connect to them all.
Oh nonsense, Coe, you can't have been trying. I connected with every one of them.
As a reader. I want to go on a journey with a character. I want to care about him or her. While Tender Morsels is bold and original and thoroughly memorable, I cared about Isabel. And for that reason, my vote has to go to Chains.


Anonymous Rachel said...

I cried in agony, if it's any comfort. The word "noooooooooooo!" was mentioned.

29 April, 2009 11:45  

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