21 June, 2009

TM as an adult book in the UK

Here is the cover. Two of the hardbacks arrived during the week. Beautiful, beautiful things, and they're printed in such a way that I've written an almost-500-page novel! I'm terribly impressed.

You like? In the meantime, Abigail from Now magazine has received a copy of the David Fickling Books edition (YA), and says it was amazing—she read it in one gulp. "Phenomenal novel, Margo, thank you. I absolutely loved it"!

And here is a lovely review from someone tipped off by Nymeth.
This is a beautiful, complicated book, that I will definitely be buying in the future so that I can reread it to my heart’s content...I loved this book, because I thought it was wonderfully sweet and at the same time completely honest about the tragedies and scariness in any life. The ending was perfect, although completely not what I expected, which makes it just that much better...Tender Morsels is for anyone who has ever wanted to just hide under the covers instead of dealing with life. And for anyone who has had to overcome some horrible event in their past, going on to find hope and happiness. And for anyone who loves characters that feel like real people. And for anyone who adores beautiful prose. In other words, everyone should read this book. Soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful cover! I can't decide if I like it more than the forest one that I have, which was my favourite until now.

21 June, 2009 21:08  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great cover!

22 June, 2009 22:27  
Blogger Eva said...

Thanks so much for quoting from my review (and for writing such a wonderful book!). I'm excited about the new covers since I haven't bought a copy yet. :)

09 July, 2009 23:57  

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