02 July, 2009

So much to do,

and only a week and a half until we fly out to Chicago, aak!

I've been busy. I've had a lot of reading to do - Vogel entries, applications and acquittals for today-and-tomorrow's bureaucratting, Charlotte Roche's Wetlands, which I borrowed from Jan (which started off funny and ended up sad—the rewounding scene and the eating of blackheads were the wince-able bits for me).

Plus, Nancy from Knopf sent me a box o' books to prime me up for the ALA weekend. I'm reading Christina Meldrum's Madapple and Candace Fleming's Lincolns scrapbook, and Tim Tharp's The Spectacular Now and Brent Runyon's Surface Tension await—must get the hardbacks read before the trip, and only take paperbacks on the plane.

Also Catherine Rey's Stepping Out, also borrowed from Jan, who is currently tramping around the desert, lucky thing, with a bunch of writers, sleeping under the stars and writing like demons during those clear, bright days. I think of them every morning when I put on my walking boots (the only warm, waterproof footwear I own at the moment) with a pang of jealousy and determination to get back there one day.

Plus, I've been writing a tender document for a government tech. writing contract. Less said about that the better—don't want to jinx it.

Also, I've done the July BASes—early, because we'll be away when they're due—and our finances have taken the concomitant kick to the guts. Thought we had a nice little cushion there, but no, it's all off to the Tax Office, all of it and possibly a little bit more, depending on how parsimonious we are during our trip.

This weekend, I will do the 2008–09 tax, and finish tender-writing. Then next week, if I can see past the excitement of the trip away, I may even write something. Or research, in the State Library. That would be very calming.


Blogger Flinthart said...

Chicago in midsummer... hot and sticky! And remember: at O'Hare airport, their dogs don't just look for illegal drugs -- they sniff for illegal produce too. Cheese Beagles!* Beware, lovers of fine fromage... you are restricted to whatever the Americans interpret as 'cheese' for the duration.

*Yes. This relates to an unhappy incident in my own travelling life...

02 July, 2009 14:59  

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