03 August, 2009

Telegraph roundup accessible

Dinah Hall lists books that will keep UK young people occupied this summer, and says:
Yes, it starts with a dwarf and witch having sex in a cornfield and follows that up with incest, abortion, gang rape and sodomy – a synopsis that has had the tabloids predictably frothing with moral indignation. But Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan (David Fickling, £12.99 ) is a work of genius, with richly inventive language and a brilliantly imagined fairy-tale context based on the tale of Snow White and Rose Red that, while not exactly cushioning the readers from the horror, allows them to contemplate it from a safe distance; the brutal moments are woven in like dark threads in a rich, complex tapestry. For ages 15+.
She also says:
The world falls silent when you pick up Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan (Templar, £12.99) and are sucked into his bizarre vision. Tan is an extraordinary artist, his illustrations an unsettling blend of styles from surreal to Hopper-like realism. Combined with an equally esoteric selection of stories, this is a book to steal from your children. For ages 9+.


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