28 July, 2009


And suddenly the traffic slips back into place, and people stop talking funny, and one can anticipate proper coffee again. The last meal on the plane was memorably American: apple and strawberry pancakes served with turkey sausage (aka pale severed finger), bacon and 'breakfast syrup' and an unidentifiable pastry thing with pink stuff inside.

I'm only snarking to make myself feel better about being back in my own boring life instead of floating around visiting other people's. Rats, now I have to sit down and pay that huge tax bill, and start prioritising beyond who to email next and where to stop for lunch on the way across Indiana.

Weather looks exactly the same as the sunnier days in the northeast of the US, but is 10 degrees C colder.

Consolations: seeing both my babies sons again, one now 21!, the other one another inch or so taller, I'm sure! They've both gone off to their respective schools now, and Steven and I are online (the luxury of 2 laptops!) and entertaining the thought of a second-breakfast (with proper coffee) up the road, seeing as our first one was technically at about 4.30 a.m.

And here is a picture Steven took of me being intimidated by someone's ancestors at the museum in Montpelier, VT.


Anonymous Ursula D down the road said...

Margo, that is such a fantastic photograph. I can't tell you how I love it. Good Work Steve! Wow.

Glad it was such a great trip, and congratulations again on the honour.

28 July, 2009 13:40  
Blogger Gail Gauthier said...

I'm very impressed that you've been to Montpelier. It's kind of out-of-the-way. I grew up in Vermont many years ago and can only recall going there once and only because I was on a class trip. I can't remember anyone ever going there.

29 July, 2009 09:47  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Ursula. More Steven work to come.

Gail: I was invited there. But so glad I went; it's a very cool place! And Vermont College of Fine Arts is the coolest part of it. I'm hoping I get invited back. :)

30 July, 2009 14:47  

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