01 August, 2009

Three good reviews, and one iffy one

although I can only see a bit of the second one. In the Guardian, Meg Rosoff says:
I'd like to go out on a limb here, and say that nothing in the world of adult summer reading can compare with the revolutionary content of a novel you are likely to find in the young adult section of your local bookshop. Tender Morsels, by the Australian author Margo Lanagan, is funny, tragic, wise, tender and beautifully written. It also left me gasping with shock.
'Mature teen readers will love Tender Morsels,' she says.
I would have devoured it at 15, though not more enthusiastically than I did last week. It is with a mixture of respect and delight that I greet any book capable of blasting an entire genre out of the water with its audacity and grace. Tender Morsels is such a book.
The Telegraph has something to say, too, but this is all I can see of it; someone's botched the page naming and the link takes me to a 'can't find' page. So 'work of genius' will just have to suffice for now. :)

Carly Bennett, aboard the 'UK's Teen Fiction Site' Chicklish, saw the warning on the YA addition.
Usually I disagree with content warnings and censorship but, for once, I think this one is deserved. Margo Lanagan deals with very adult sexual issues that are definitely not suitable for younger readers. That said, the controversial content didn’t detract from the plot and, even though some scenes were quite explicit, they were extremely well written.
She had a bit of trouble with the language, but ends up endorsing the novel as a whole:
Tender Morsels is a truly unique book, like nothing I’ve ever come across before. It is full of a host of utterly charming characters and I dare anybody to read it and not fall in love with Lanagan’s brilliantly crafted story.
And Janie B. Cheaney, at Worldmag.com (Today's News/Christian Views) has some doubts. The book, she says,
is described as "lurid." To be fair, it isn't. Its shocking events are cloaked in fantasy and rendered in a literary style that is often striking and beautiful. It might even be seen as pro-life, in that the much-abused heroine, Liga, wants and loves her babies in spite of their nightmare conceptions.
*drums fingers on desk, awaiting invitation to join pro-life panel*


Blogger Peter Hollo said...

This seems to be it:
and it seems to be by... Meg Rosoff?!
No wait, that's from the 3rd of July. The 30th of July one is the one you saw, and it seems to have rather comprehensively disappeareded.

Maybe someone saw it in print?

01 August, 2009 14:11  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Zackly. I'm hoping someone will be able to transcribe it for me. Will hassle publishers Monday.

01 August, 2009 16:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Lanagan, I am halfway through TM, and it has moved me to tears and back. I love this book. Thank you!

14 December, 2012 05:01  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for letting me know. I'm so pleased the book is working for you.—Margo.

14 December, 2012 06:28  

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