12 October, 2009

Monday morning,

which, with a 3 day week, doesn't have nearly the effect on the spirits that a Monday of a 5 day week does.

Quite a weekend. We well and truly launched Deb's A Book of Endings (Cat Sparks enpictured it) on Saturday afternoon, then celebrated all evening.

Then, on Sunday, hardly hungover at all, I went off to the NSW Writer's Centre and leapt in the dark with my 16 workshoppees, who were very diligent. There is nothing quite like the rustling silence of 16 people scrapbooking towards their stories. I managed to keep them occupied for the full six hours (well, I let them have some lunch), and it went quickly for me and for at least some of them, so I think we all got into it.

And, apart from one school gig at the end of October, that's pretty much it for the public-writering for the year - no big things until Wellington next March. So I can relax a bit. Possibly, you know...write something. Odd thought.


Blogger Thumbnail said...

It was a great day and the right balance between inspiring and daunting so that I came away neither exhausted nor manically optimistic! And I couldn't tell that you'd been out 'launching' the night before!

Thanks for your hard work and preparation and enjoy some writing time!

12 October, 2009 11:34  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Lea! I'm glad I got the balance right. It was great to work with you. All the best with your writing.

12 October, 2009 18:57  

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