17 May, 2010

'Flower and Weed' podcast at TISF

Over at Keith Stevenson's Terra Incognita (The Australian Speculative Fiction podcast), and also syndicated to iTunes, you can get a taste of the world in which my next novel (and 'Sea-Hearts', my only novella so far) is set, but with an adults-only slant.

I'm reading out 'Flower and Weed', a story set on Rollrock Island; selkies are in the background, but this is a story of a liaison between a selkie's earthly husband and one of the witches who does the magic that's essential to keeping the whole selkie-wife trade going.

It's a typical story from me in that it throws you in at the deep end (not helped, my friends and loved ones tell me, by me reading too fast at the beginning). So listen carefully, and be prepared to be confused, and perhaps replay some paras, to start with :).

I hope you enjoy it.


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17 May, 2010 11:00  
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