28 February, 2011

Perth Writers' Festival

Off to Perth tomorrow, for the Perth Writers' Festival. I'm doing a couple of sessions on the Schools Program (one with Melina Marchetta and one Yellowcake-based, solo) and also the following:

TheMagic of Oz
Is there a uniquely Australian fantasy voice? Margo Lanagan, Anthony Eaton and Will Elliott consider how living in Australia influences their writing.
Chair: Helen Merrick
University Club Banquet Hall
Saturday 5 March 12.30-1.30

As part of the Family Day (Sunday):
Zombies versus Unicorns
Margo Lanagan and Stephen Dedman
It's a question as old as time itself: Which is better, the Zombie or the Unicorn? The new question is, what side are you on? Join award-winning writer Margo Lanagan, from team Unicorn, and Zombie advocate Stephen Dedman as they discuss the good, the evil and the really bad-ass side of fantasy writing.
Ages 14+
Sunday March 6
Kids tent 12.30-1.15

Twisted Tales
Lev Grossman’s new novel is both a critique and homage to some of the genre’s greatest writers including CS Lewis and JK Rowling. Margo Lanagan subverts traditional fairytales forms to produce wildly original and dark short stories. They discuss their unique take on fantasy writing.
Chair: Sarah Schladow
University Club Theatre
Monday March 7, 11.00-12.00


Blogger Svanhildur said...

I just have to say- Zombies Vs. Unicorns is a really good book!!!!!!

18 March, 2011 06:58  
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