29 December, 2010

Plans for 2011

There will be publication:
  • Yellowcake short story collection (in Australia)—March
  • the selkies novel (in Australia)—September
  • a quartet of stories from Twelfth Planet Press—not sure when.

There will be writing:
  • yes, that quartet—it's one-quarter done, kinda
  • 2 other short stories by end January (both drafted)
  • one other short story by end February (drafted but in need of remaking, not completely from scratch, but nearly).
From the beginning of February there'll be a fair bit of resting, because that's the end of my contracted/voluntary obligations, and I've been under, well, stupid deadlines since about May this year.

However, I've got this NSW colonial novel that I want to get started on, and it involves a nice distracting pile of research—and no deadline as yet—so I'll probably kick on with that.

Also I might, you know, come up with a story idea or two that's not already promised to someone, and have a go.

But there's also the day-job (3 days a week, confirmed until end of February at this point) and a couple of Literature Board commitments to fulfil (policy meeting Feb, assessment of grant apps, May-June), as well as...

Travel plansAll this is in response to Marianne's invitation to share your writing plans on her blog, where she confesses to having so many books on the boil, it makes my head spin. [Update: Tansy shares, too! Also, two posts, both New-Yeary, from Kelly Fineman.]

What kind of a year have you got lined up? Or are you trying not to look too closely yet? :D


Blogger Sean Wright said...

I am planning not to read anymore poor fiction, good stuff only and as much Aussie stuff that I can find.

As for writing well if I write it down it becomes like something I might have stick to :/. I promised myself I would get some short fiction published which means I have got to actually write.

So I am hoping to try and tie myself to writing/completing a story a month.

29 December, 2010 18:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colonial novel.... goody. Can't wait to read it.

29 December, 2010 18:41  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Sean! Oh yes, There Will Be Reading, too, but I can't be more specific than that. But avoiding crap is a good resolution. And a story a month sounds reasonable. Sounds cruisie, in fact, next to my insane January. Best of luck.

Marianne: Should have SOMETHING ready, if ROR happens in Sept.

29 December, 2010 20:58  
Blogger Keith Stevenson said...

Hmm - publishing an awesome off-Earth science fiction anthology featuring fantastic fiction by some v talented authors, some of which may possibly be known (even intimately) by yourself :)

10 January, 2011 14:05  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

KS: Oh, you. And yes, it's pretty intimate. :D Have a great year, you and coeur de lion!

10 January, 2011 14:41  
Blogger Jackie Morris said...

Have blogged my list here http://drawingalineintime.blogspot.com/2011/02/plans-for-2011.html
Am afraid there are not enough hours in the day

25 February, 2011 21:32  

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