17 February, 2011

POD editions of my gritty-realist YA

Allen & Unwin wrote to me today to let me know that my two YA novels from the mid-1990s, The Best Thing and Touching Earth Lightly, are now available as print-on-demand books. They can supply you with a high-quality printed book within 14 days of ordering,

You can order from a bookshop or direct from Allen & Unwin. You can add The Best Thing to your basket here, and Touching Earth Lightly here.


Blogger kate.o.d said...

Just today I was trying to remember the most significant books of my teenage years and Touching Earth Lightly was IT. So glad it's available again.

17 February, 2011 17:46  
Blogger Fence said...

Any chance of The Best Thing coming out as an eBook? That's how I read Touching Earth Lightly, loved it.

18 February, 2011 07:53  
Blogger Kirsty Murray said...

Best new. I loved The Best thing so much, even though I wasn't a teenager when I read it. I gave it to a heap of girls who have all since said it was one of the deep, deep books of their teen years.

20 February, 2011 22:57  
Anonymous Aya Knight said...

The Best Thing sounds like a great read. I too would like to know if it will be available as an e-book. :)

Have a great week!

Aya Knight
Author of- The Chronicles of Kale: A Dragon's Awakening

21 February, 2011 10:45  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! Fence and Aya, I've been in touch with Allen & Unwin, who in turn have chased up Amazon. Word is that The Best Thing will be up on Amazon ASAP. There was a hold-up with the digitisation of the files. It's all moving along now.

21 February, 2011 10:49  
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