20 December, 2011

Christmas e-gift? Tender Morsels e-book bundle

Right now, from, say, Readings or Avid Reader, you can buy an e-copy of Tender Morsels, bundled with the Black Juice story 'Singing My Sister Down'.

That's two World Fantasy Award winners in the one bundle, and for only $9.99.

Make someone you love cry this Christmas—in a good way.

I'm just about to sign an agreement to have my whole Allen & Unwin backlist come out as e-books within 12 months or so. Might have to write some posts about some of the more interesting historical documents. (You can already get my gritty-realist YA novels from the mid-90s, The Best Thing and Touching Earth Lightly, for the Kindle.)


Blogger Marg said...

Good news all round!

20 December, 2011 09:28  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

Very good deal on that bundle.

Unless I'm mistaken though, it's limiting it to devices that use the Booki.sh software ie it cuts out peeps with dedicated ereaders.

That being said I have bought those two ebooks through google ebooks. And I don't mind paying more money for quality Aussie fiction :)

20 December, 2011 11:38  

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