14 February, 2012

Because it's a day for hearts of all kinds...

@ErnurA put this lovely photo up on Twitter: "My Valentine's Day gift to me—coffee, chocolate and a captivating novel to read."


Blogger T said...

why not me?!?! i'm dying to read this book. "tender morsels" is my favorite book, and i await "the brides of rollrock island," as it will be known here, with the greatest of all anticipations :)

15 February, 2012 02:05  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

:D Does "here" mean the US, Tess? It'll be there in the fall, I promise you!

15 February, 2012 02:16  
Blogger T said...

yes i'm in the US. i will try very hard to wait patiently :)

15 February, 2012 04:43  

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